Personal Injury

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Suffering an injury as a result of the negligence of another person or company can have life-altering effects on your financial and personal well-being. Whether you are T-boned at an intersection, injured due to unsafe conditions of an establishment, or slipped and fell, the consequences can be challenging for you and your loved ones. The physical and emotional hardships are compounded by hefty medical bills, property damage costs, lost wages, and other financial losses, making the entire situation difficult for you. In such a situation, you should consider retaining the legal services of an experienced and reliable personal injury attorney to help you through this difficult time.

Dedicated Personal Injury Attorneys Fighting for your Rights

At Stein & Cherney, Ltd., we focus our practice on offering sound legal advice and skilled representation in the area of personal injury in Chicago, Wheeling and the Northwest suburbs. Our dedicated attorneys take a client-centric approach and provide personalized services and exceptional care that you deserve. We take the time to completely understand your personal injury case and devise a legal strategy that allows you to achieve your specific goals and interests. With us, you can rest assured that we will make every possible effort to get a favorable outcome for your case and help you win the maximum compensation for your injuries.

We Help Clients in Several Personal Injury Practice Areas

At Stein & Cherney, Ltd., our attorneys are qualified and experienced in handling a wide range of personal injury cases, including but not limited to:

Auto Accidents

With millions of vehicles on American roads every day, auto accidents make for one of the major sources of personal injury claims. Many victims suffer from injuries like concussions, broken bones, whiplash, bruises and cuts, and other injuries that can be serious, requiring extensive medical treatment. Our attorneys help you hold the negligent party liable for your damages and get the best possible outcome for your case.

Trucking Accidents

Damages from getting hit by a tractor-trailer or large commercial vehicle can be overwhelming. Our attorneys are familiar with state and federal laws that regulate the trucking industry, and have experience in handling claims and lawsuits to enable our clients to maximize compensation for their damages.

Nursing Home Abuse

We understand that you have admitted your elderly loved one to a nursing home to provide them with better care. However, if the nursing home is not providing the level of care required and illness, injury or abuse occurs, you can rely on our dedicated attorneys to help you take legal action against the nursing home.

Wrongful Death

A personal injury resulting in the death of a loved one is tragic and can leave a family shattered. If your loved one suffered fatal injuries that led to their death, we can help you bring a wrongful death lawsuit and provide solid legal representation to recover the damages you and your family deserve.

Premises Liability

According to Illinois law, the owners of commercial and private properties are required to keep their premises safe and secure from defects and hazards for visitors and guests. If you have sustained an injury due to the negligence of the property owner or the poor condition of the property, our attorneys can provide legal advice and representation to help you obtain the fair and reasonable compensation you deserve.

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